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Yarmouth County REMO
(Argyle / Yarmouth / Town)

The Regional Emergency Management Organization is charged with ensuring the safety and security of the residents of Yarmouth Town, the Municipality of Yarmouth, and the Municipality of Argyle, their property, and the environment, by providing for a prompt and coordinated response to an emergency.

Most emergencies are small and localized in nature, affecting a single person or a small group of people. These are handled by the appropriate emergency services organizations, such as the police or fire services.

But when the impact is broader, affecting a large number of people, the Emergency Management Organization steps in. Their role is to plan ahead before an emergency occurs, coordinate the provision of the Town and Municipal resources when an emergency occurs, and assist with analysis and evaluation after an emergency.

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Are You Prepared?

Do you know the 3 steps to follow in any type of emergency?

Know The Risks

Across Canada, we face a number of hazards, which
can vary from region to region. Knowing what to
do is an important part of being prepared. Find out
about risks in your region and how to prepare for
different situations.

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Make A Plan

By definition, emergencies happen when we don’t
expect them, and often when families are not
together. Suddenly, you need to think about your
kids at school or elderly parents across town. If
phones don’t work,

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Get A Kit

In an emergency, you will need some basic
supplies. You may need to get by without power or
tap water. Be prepared to be self-sufficient for at
least 72 hours. You may have some of the items
already, such as food,

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the executive direction and management of emergency activities during a State of Local Emergency.
  • If required, renew the State of Local Emergency declaration every seven (7) days.
  • Exercise all powers necessary as conferred by the Provincial Emergency Management Act once a declaration has been made.
  • Authorize the expenditure of municipal funds.
  • Advise and continually update Municipal Councils on the current emergency situation.
  • When safe and appropriate, visit the emergency site(s).
  • When and if required, and in conjunction with the Public Information Officer, brief the media.
  • When and if necessary, through the Public Information Officer, inform the public of significant developments occurring.
  • Ensure that appropriate information is passed to provincial authorities; and
  • Provide oversight of the Regional Emergency Management Work Plan.
  • Contribute to the identification of risks arising from emergencies in Yarmouth County.
  • Provide information and expertise relating to the occurrence and mitigation of potential emergencies and the impact of emergencies.
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Incident Information

In the case of an Incident, up to date information may be found via the following:​

Nova Scotia Power – Outage

maintains 24-hour, up-to-date
information on restoration, power
outage reporting, electrical hazard
or damage to NS Power equipment.
Phone: 1-877-428-6004 (toll free).​

Yarmouth REMO Facebook

A great resource for information
during an emergency event.​

CJLS Radio

broadcasts at 95.5 FM for Yarmouth
County, 94.7 FM for the Town of
Yarmouth, 96.3 FM for Shelburne
County and 93.5 FM for Digby


network provides timely updates
and information as well as news
stories and more for the region on
its website.


We provide this. warning so that you…

So that emergency responders know everyone is safely evacuated we require you to check-in at the nearest Reception Centre. When checked in, you will be given information on a reception center physical location and provided a phone number to contact it.

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Shane Strong

Regional Emergency
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Max Stulberger

Deputy Regional Emergency
Management Coordinator

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