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Are You Prepared?

Do you know the 3 steps to follow in any type of emergency?

Step 1: Know The Risks
Step 2: Make A Plan
Step 3: Get A Kit

Our Emergency Management Organization is here to help our residents every step of the way. Our group of dedicated municipal staff, community volunteers and our valuable community partners aim to ensure the safety and security of Yarmouth County residents, their property and the environment by providing for a prompt and coordinated response to an emergency.

Preparing Your Family

To Get Started:
  • Check your house for supplies that you already have on hand.

  • Decide where you will store supplies (food may be packed together in a single container or kept on shelves for easy rotation). 

Meet With Your Family To Plan:
  • Discuss the types of disasters that could occur.

  • Explain how to prepare; explain when and how to respond.

  • Discuss what to do if you need to evacuate.

Should You Evacuate?
  • Where will you go?

  • How will you get there?

  • What is your alternate route?

  • What should you take with you?

Suggested Foods:
  • Select foods based on your family’s needs and preferences. Pick low-salt, water-packed varieties when possible.

  • Canned Meat: Tuna, chicken, ravioli,chili, beef stew, spam, corned beef, etc.

  • Vegetables: Green beans, kernel corn,peas, beets, kidney beans, carrots, etc.

  • Fruit: Pears, peaches, mandarin oranges, applesauce, etc.

  • Cereal: Cheerios, Chex, Kix, Shredded Wheat, etc.

  • Quick Energy Snacks: Granola bars, raisins, etc.

In case of evacuation, your emergency evacuation or “Go-Pack” should:
  • Be in a back pack or other similar container that is easily carried.

  • Contain your most important items such as a change of clothes, coins for pay phones, contact info, medications, important papers, etc.