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What to Expect for an Evacuation:


You may need to leave your home because of an emergency. It may not be safe to be in your home or emergency services may be unable to get to you.

We provide this. warning so that you may prepare yourself and your family to leave immediately if requested to do so. It is likely that a mandatory evacuation will be required The REMO will provide
a time and place to go.

So that emergency responders know everyone is safely evacuated we require you to check -in at the nearest Reception Centre at When checked in you will be given information on a reception centre physical location and provided a phone number to contact it. Information on where you can get necessary items or stay overnight will be provided at the Reception Centre.


Unless otherwise directed, we recommend you transport all family members and pets in your private vehicle. If you will require transportation assistance, contact Provided phone number immediately.


For your personal comfort and safety, we recommend you take the following items with you:

  • Personal information for all family members (birth certificates, health cards, driver’s licenses)
  • Money (cash, cheques, debit card and credit cards)
  • Cell phone(s) and chargers
  • Medications and medical aids such as wheelchairs and /or walkers
  • House and personal insurance information
  • Personal care items for 3 days
  • Toys, games, favourite items for children
  • Change of clothing
  • Name and phone numbers of family members and important contacts


If possible, take your household pets with you in an appropriate carrying case.

  • Take food.
  • Any medications your pets may need for 3 days.
  • Leashes or restraining devices.
  • Should be brought with your pets.
  • Pets should have identifying collars as appropriate.
  • If you need assistance evacuating your pets, please call phone number given for evacuation.
  • If you are unable to take your pets with you, be prepared to evacuate without them and emergency personnel will make all reasonable efforts to ensure their safety.