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Comfort Centre:

is a facility that is primarily used for residents who are remaining in their homes but do not have full services such as electricity, heat, and water. Comfort Centres can provide a place to go to get light meals, pick up small amounts of needed items and attend to personal hygiene matters. Comfort Centres do not provide overnight accommodations and will not accept evacuees. Comfort Centres are normally operated by volunteers in the municipality in which they are located. In order to operate as a Comfort Centre, the facility must have a generator or electrical power being intact.

Emergency Shelters:

In large-scale emergencies, these types of facilities are opened and operated by the Red Cross, under the Department of Community Services, and include the provision of evacuees and personal services such as care of elderly, persons with disability, and can include psycho-social services. They are opened by the Red Cross at the request of Yarmouth REMO via the Regional Emergency Management Coordinator. In order to operate as a Emergency Shelter they must have a generator or intact electrical power, running water, kitchen facilities, showers, and a large area for cots to be set up.